Our Vision

As we continue to adapt and learn to find our footing during these new times, we are excited by a new hope rising from the experiences we have shared and the challenges we have overcome Together-a-Part.

UWest stands fast by every community member on the digital Common Ground that has become our new campus community. We have found solace in continuing to take courses, preparing for what comes later, and helping to shape the next generation of citizens ready to take on the world with Character, Compassion, and Community.

As we do each year for Common Ground, we once again turn our attention to our community and everyone in it, all making UWest a place that matters.

We invite each one of you to participate in our events to the fullest of your ability. If you cannot find an event you like or wish to see, then you have the opportunity to create one yourself or with others. Click on the "Sign Up" button on the top menu bar to get started.