Clubs at UWest

Establishing New Student Clubs

Students are welcome even encouraged to initiate new campus clubs that will benefit the UWest community. To establish a new student organization or club that is officially recognized by UWest and therefore eligible to receive UWest funding, members must complete a registration form and advisor contract. The organization or club must have at least three members and a constitution. Follow the links below to begin the process which is simple and easy to use to get your club funded and operating right away. Please contact Eddie Escalante in the Office of Student Life if you have any questions or need assistance completing the process.

The process for establishing and registering a new student club involves completing these steps:

1. Any group interested in establishing a new student club must first submit a Club Registration Form. This form must be filled out completely with all supporting documents and submitted to the Office of Student Life (

2. New Clubs must have a minimum of three (3) charter officers, all of whom must be currently enrolled students with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 for undergraduates and 3.0 for Graduates.

3. At least three student officers and one advisor must be identified.

4. A Constitution must be submitted with this application.

5. The Office of Student Life will review the request, and if complete and accurate, forward it to the Chief Student Services Officer for review. Together they will decide on the request and inform the club president and advisor via email of their decision.

6. Club funds from the student association fees will be made available to the club treasurer only after completing a standard UWest Purchase Request (PR) form approved by the Office of Student Life and the Accounting Office.

a. Approved PR forms will be submitted to the UWest purchasing office c/o Phillip Lee, ext. 2139, who will purchase and or pay for products or services.

b. All vendors providing services to the UWest community must have the following documentation: follow the links below and email the forms to the vendor(s). and have them return the completed forms to the club and submit them with the approved PR form

1. W-2 form

2. Vendor Infomation form

7. In support of the University of the West's commitment to academic excellence all student leaders are required to have and maintain a minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA for undergraduates or 3.0 for graduate students. The Office of Student Life will verify the officer's academic standing at the time of the official registration, and prior to elections. Additionally, it is the responsibility of the club's advisor to monitor the academic standing of the officers throughout the semester and advise them to seek academic support or suspend their club activities.

8. All clubs/organizations must abide by the rules and procedures as stated in the UWest Student Handbook and Catalog.

9. Membership in all student clubs is open to all currently enrolled students. No club may limit the membership of its group based on age, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or other arbitrary variables.

a. Exceptions may be made for Honors/Professional groups that may have limited membership based on GPA or major, as outlined by national, regional, or state organizations, with approval of the Office of Student Life under the supervision of the Chief Student Services Officer.

1. Fill out the registration form and submit the completed form to the Office of Student Life c/o You must have at least three members to form a club. These positions are President, Secretary, and Treasurer. A club can have additional officers as necessary, but at the very minimum, a club must have these 3 officers.

2. Submit a copy of the club’s roster of members. It is important that the roster be as up-to-date as possible. Clubs can submit updated club rosters on a regular basis at the regular Inter-Club Council meeting, or via email to the Office of Student Life.

3. Each club must have a club advisor who actively attends club meetings. The advisor can be any currently employed faculty or staff member. Clubs may optionally also have one alumni advisor distinct from the faculty/staff advisor. All club advisors must sign off on their commitment to support the club on the registration form found at the link to the right. Clubs can change advisors at any time at their discretion; however, they must update their new advisor Information as soon as possible with the Office of Student Life.